Pastor Sheffer explains the role of a watchman in biblical times, relating it to the responsibility of Ezekiel as a prophet called by God to oversee the house of Israel. In historical context, a watchman’s duty was to stay vigilant throughout the night, watching for any dangers that might threaten the city, such as fires or approaching armies, and to alert the inhabitants by ringing a bell or blowing a horn. The safety of the city’s residents heavily depended on the watchman’s alertness and responsiveness to potential threats. Pastor Sheffer draws a parallel to Ezekiel’s divine commission, where God instructs him to warn the people of Israel about their sins and the need for repentance. Failure to do so would result in Ezekiel bearing the guilt for any resultant harm due to his silence. This concept underlines the gravity of the watchman’s role, both in a literal and spiritual sense, emphasizing the accountability of those tasked with the spiritual oversight of others.