In this sermon, Elder Steven Benner reflects on the concept of thankfulness. Benner emphasizes the importance of maintaining a heart of thankfulness, regardless of how circumstances unfold. This attitude of gratitude is seen as a central piece to both reflecting on the past and anticipating the future.

Things may not always go as planned, and there are always unknowns about what the future holds. They stress the significance of having a thankful heart in all situations, regardless of whether outcomes are as expected or take an unexpected turn.

Central to this message is the understanding of God’s sovereignty over our lives. Benner encourages listeners to recognize that everything, including their plans and desires, is ultimately in God’s hands. This acknowledgment brings a sense of peace and the ability to be thankful in all circumstances, knowing that God is present in the past, today, and in the future.

Thankfulness is not something to achieve through human effort alone but is a disposition cultivated through understanding and embracing God’s word. As individuals grow in their knowledge of God and His character, they are enabled to develop a more profound sense of gratitude, trusting in God’s presence and guidance through every phase of life, including the uncertainties of the years ahead.