In this sermon, pastor Sheffer emphasizes the significance of the name “Jesus” and how it transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. The Greek word ‘Iesous’ is mentioned, and it’s noted that in different languages, Jesus’ name might vary, such as “Jesus” in English and Russian. Sheffer addresses a common concern among certain groups that place heavy importance on the precise pronunciation of Jesus’ name, comparing it to the rigidity of incantations in witchcraft where every word must be exact.

The power of Jesus’ name doesn’t lie in its pronunciation but rather in the person it represents. It’s clarified that faith in Jesus is not about magic or getting the words right, but about a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. The sermon then delves into the meaning and significance of the name “Jesus.” In contrast to the name “Yahweh,” which is another name for God used in the Old Testament, “Jesus” is highlighted as the greatest revelation of God. The name “Jesus” means salvation, signifying his role in saving people from their sins. Additionally, the name “Emmanuel,” meaning “God with us,” is discussed, pointing to Jesus’ divinity and his role as God incarnate.

Overall, the sermon underscores the importance of understanding Jesus’ name beyond its phonetic expression, focusing on the profound spiritual and salvific implications it carries. The name “Jesus” embodies the essence of God’s plan for salvation and his intimate presence with humanity.