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5 days ago
When Experts Put God On Trial

When unbelieving man gets angry at the God they don't believe exists - they blame God for their own sin.
Jesus didn't die on the cross for victims. He died for the perpetrators - the guilty!
Victims ... See more

1 week ago
Walking in the Light of Life

Does the world look dark to you? Are you missing the evidence?
God put us in a perfect place that we can see Him!

3 weeks ago
In the Presence of Perfection

If you have a low view of the law - you probably have a low view of grace.
When we see our sin against God as very great - it's easier to forgive others.

1 month ago
Time to Choose Sides - John 7

We do not choose who is king!
Jesus is either your Lord and savior or Lord and judge.
We don't elect Jesus as king. We can choose to acknowledge Him. He is our Lord!
Where do you stand in relation to ... See more

1 month ago
The Crime of Attempted Deicide (*audio corrects at :50 seconds)

When we rely on any philosophy or system to give us a good conscience with God - Jesus is directly opposed to that!
The result is sinful man would kill God if they could kill God!
We're all born ... See more

1 month ago
Quarantine is a Biblical Principle

The biblical principle of quarantine and ex-communication. There are a lot of voices coming out of the church today with opinions on the current status of American life with very little reference to ... See more

1 month ago
Are you a disciple or a devil?

The reality is the church has always and continues to be full of people who attend all of the services, participate in the activities, and give of their time to charity. But does that make them a ... See more

2 months ago
The Willer and the Willing

God gives the "want to" - do you want to grow closer to God?
Thank God! And seek Him while He may be found.

2 months ago
Eating Jesus (Most unappealing Sermon Title Ever?)

What did Jesus mean when he said "If You're not eating of me - you will not have eternal life.?"

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