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6 days ago
Are you a disciple or a devil?

The reality is the church has always and continues to be full of people who attend all of the services, participate in the activities, and give of their time to charity. But does that make them a ... See more

1 week ago
The Willer and the Willing

God gives the "want to" - do you want to grow closer to God?
Thank God! And seek Him while He may be found.

2 weeks ago
Eating Jesus (Most unappealing Sermon Title Ever?)

What did Jesus mean when he said "If You're not eating of me - you will not have eternal life.?"

3 weeks ago
Declaration of Dependance? 1 Samuel 8

When you declare your independence - what do you depend on?

1 month ago

Water Baptism!

1 month ago
2020-06-21 Faithful Witnesses in the Cosmic Courtroom - John 5

We know what is right and wrong. But do we know why?