In this sermon clip, Pastor Sheffer parallels a Jewish legend about King Solomon and the Christian understanding of Jesus Christ. According to the legend, Solomon would disguise himself in the clothing of commoners, such as beggars or farmers, to leave the palace and understand the state of his kingdom from his people’s perspective. Sheffer uses this story to illustrate how Solomon, while still a king, assumed the additional form of a common person to mingle with his subjects.

Just as Solomon remained king despite his disguises, Jesus remained divine even as he took on human form. Jesus, the Son of God, chose to become a servant or slave (in Greek, ‘doulos’) by being born as a human being. This act is seen as a profound expression of humility, as God willingly entered into the human condition, subjecting himself to its limitations and challenges. Jesus’ life was characterized by obedience and service, ultimately leading to his death on the cross.