In this sermon clip, Pastor Sheffer delves into Philippians 2, focusing on Christ’s humility and incarnation. The central theme is the mindset of Christ, who, despite being in the form of God, did not cling to His equality with God. Instead, He chose to empty Himself by taking on the form of a servant and being born in human likeness.

Christ’s act of emptying Himself did not mean relinquishing His divinity. Christ remained fully God while also becoming fully human. This act wasn’t about diminishing His divine nature but about adding human nature to His divine nature. The term “emptying” here refers to Christ setting aside His divine privileges and glory, not His divine essence.

Christ’s humility is highlighted as He willingly submits to the constraints of human existence, including death, and not just any death, but the humiliating and painful death of crucifixion.

This interpretation challenges the idea that Christ was any less divine during His earthly ministry. Instead, it reinforces the Christian doctrine of the hypostatic union – Jesus as fully God and fully man, capable of demonstrating ultimate humility and obedience. This teaching is meant to inspire believers to emulate Christ’s humility in their own lives.